Junior Sign-On

2018 Registrations 

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  1. Junior Player Family General Members Application
  2. MyFootballClub Registration  – Opens 3rd January, 2018
  3. Get Started $150 Vouchers – Round 11 open 24th January 2018.


Junior Sign on 30th January, 2018. 5:00pm – 7:00pm

It is recommended that all prospective players complete the 2 part registration process outlined below, prior to attending sign on to avoid lengthy waiting periods and queues.

Please take a moment to review the information below.

All registrations MUST be accompanied by a GENERAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. (GMA) This can be completed online using the following link.

Once completed, please download the attachment below and follow the instructions on how to register to play using myfootballclub.com.au  (Junior Players U 6 – U 18).

NOTE: A player registration is not deemed to be complete until

  1. A  GMA has been completed in full.
  2. Players have been registered via myfootballclub.com.au
  3. Payment has been made which includes the GMA Fee of $60 per family

Failure to complete and/or pay for a GMA may result in the cancellation or delaying the registration of your player.  The Club reserves the right to withhold any club provided uniforms or equipment included in the registration package until the Player Registration (as outlined above) has been completed in full.

Note:  If you do not apply the GMA discount for subsequent registrations, please note that we reserve the right to not necessarily remit a refund, but alternatively,  apply a credit for clinics and/or apparel.

Instruction on how to successfully add the GMA to your player registration (in the first instance only) is clearly outlined in the following attachment.
2018 Player_Self_Registration_Guidelines (Junior Comp)

My Football Club is the national registration program that FFA has set up to streamline the registration process. It is a requirement that all players, officials, coaches and volunteers are registered via this program and can do so be clicking on the links below.

Please note that all registrations MUST be accompanied by a General Membership Application which can be done by completing  the following online form.